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FUSE Fuels started their origins with race fuel additives in 2011. Our unleaded race fuel additive Accelerator showed how large customer interest was in high octane unleaded race fuels. Customers had high horsepower street cars that wanted to stay away from the damaging effects of lead, especially on oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. We then entered the Canadian race fuel market where leaded fuel was banned. The ban gave an instant demand for people desiring fuel with no lead, but, the major race fuel manufacturers never tried to give the market much attention. Still to this day finding high octane unleaded fuel is next to impossible. FUSE Fuels wants to help you end your search.
FUSE has the highest octane unleaded race fuels on the market. We can compete with any leaded fuels on the market and forgo all the negative attributes that lead bring about. For those of you wanting to learn more about the effects of lead please check out our two sections dedicated to this: Why Unleaded race fuels, and, Myths about Lead Fuels. Most people will be astonished to know that lead is actually toxic and any amount of lead no matter how small attracts to the neurological system. We realize these sections may be off-putting to those who use and like leaded fuels, but the facts and articles are documented and the effects are very real.
If you want to boast about your car and the power you can make with the Unleaded FUSE fuels send us the dyno result. We will be happy to post it and show the success both you and FUSE are having.
Last, in our testimonials section if you have any suggestions or comments we are always happy to hear from you. You the racer is what make us get up every day and try to make things better than the day before. So, by all means, let us know if something is bothering you or if something is great!
Happy racing, stay safe, and hears to your health with FUSE Fuels.


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FUSE fuel would like to welcome Nimbus Motorsports of East Yorkshire, United
Kingdom to the FUSE family of dealers. FUSE has seen a large interest in
the European racing community which for the most part is mandated to run
unleaded fuels. Nimbus will warehouse, distribute, and promote the
FUSE line of fuels for racers of all kinds. We personally thank Nimbus
Motorsports for their support, expertise, and efforts in helping racers
attain FUSE fuels. Please contact Nimbus motorsports for all you race
fuel needs.